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We spend the evening and night in Toulouse.  Our hotel was the Grand Hotel de l’Opera, right on the Place du Capitole.  This is  a pedestrian zone and had lots of room for walking.  We went for a walk toward the river, and almost immediately, T.E. found a Subway.  On the way back from our walk we let him get his dinner there (he said it was just like in the United States).  We ate at the La Florida, a restaurant on the square and had a nice meal which we ate outdoors.

Toulouse is on the Garonne River  The city was located on a hill near an old ford crossing the river; a crossroads between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees, and the Massif Central.  It is called “La Ville Rose” or the Pink City because of the millions of salmon colored bricks used in the buildings.  The variety in the colors of red or rose in the bricks makes the city very interesting.  It seems to all match, yet at the same time when looked at closely, it has many colors.

The next morning we were headed for Spain.