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Nests, Nests, and More Nests

This is a good time of year to look for nests.  The birds are done with them and the leaves are gone.  This makes it easier to see them.

What kind of nests could you expect to find?

You might find a woodpecker nest.  Look for holes in the trees, especially in old, dead or dying trees.  They will be up fairly high, but not in the skinny, skinny part.  Remember the woodpecker has to have a hole big enough to fit into.  If you find a possible hole, you will want to mark the tree so we can check it next spring.  If it is on your property get a bright rope. ribbon, or string to tie around the tree trunk.  We can go looking for it again later.

You might also find robins’ nests.  They will usually be in the branches of the trees where you can see them.  Sometime they will be low enough to look into.  They will have twigs and mud in them.  Mud is a key here.  Look for these nests in the lower and middle branches of the trees.  You might also find them in the higher branches of the shrubs.

You might find a sparrow or finch nest.  They won’t have mud and won’t be as big as the robin’s nest.  They are usually softer in the inside than a robin’s nest.

If you find a large messy nest of leaves in the tippy tops of the trees or in the outer branches it probably belongs to a squirrel.  They are called squirrel’s drays.  Squirrels use them in the summer.  They get the summer evening breeze – rock-a-bye-baby!

Let me know what you find.  Keep an eye out while you are on the school bus or in the car.