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Alien ban

Trump’s ban on people traveling to the U.S. shows a lack of knowledge about the different categories of travelers. The initial ban affected immigrants, refugees, green card holders, resident aliens and travelers with visas. The refugee hold affects not only the processing and arrival of people from Trump’s 7 Muslim-majority nations, but all refugees. The process people go through getting to the United States is difficult and time consuming. They are scrutinized by several agencies both in the US and outside of it. It is a difficult process to complete. Once the refugee arrives in the US they are met and settled by groups in the US. Trump would have you believe that the process is not thorough, but it is the most rigorous of all the refugee processing done. If you want to view the refugee processing you can see a chart at

Any changes he might make to the refugee processing would not have prevented the 9/11 attacks nor the other attacks that have occurred in the US. Those attacks were not committed by refugees. See information from CNN:

Understand that there is a large difference between immigrants and refugees. The number of immigrants to the US far exceeds the number of refugees each year. The number of refugees is capped by Congress and those numbers are made of people from around the globe. See “Proposed Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2017”, Proposed Ceilings, Table I

Heads of the agencies that were impacted by the order appeared to not have had time to review it or to determine how their agencies needed to react. Since some agencies (Border Control) need to act immediately. This lack of preparation caused confusion. If this was according to plan, the plan by Trump and his staff was not very well developed.

People in transit were stopped at various points on their journey. What plans were made for them? Nothing. They are just stuck. Trump indicates that they are fine since they haven’t entered or attempted to enter the US. Fine, stuck in some airport they can’t leave.

Since Trump stopped all refugee processing I wonder what would have happened to someone coming from Cuba? Before they leave Cuba they relinquish all documents related to their being from Cuba and essentially become stateless. They can NOT return to Cuba.


Undocumented immigrants

The Washington Post has 7 maps that help to understand the issues surrounding undocumented immigrants. Undocumented immigrants are people who are living in the United States, but weren’t born here and don’t have legal papers saying they can be here.

The first map shows the percentages that each state has of students that have at least one undocumented parent.  This is an important map because it shows where the immigrants are living that will be affected by President Obama’s recent announcement on immigration changes.

Imagine having a parent that could be sent out of the country to someplace that you aren’t even familiar with.  Maybe both of your parents could be sent away from this country.  What would it be like for you if you had to go with them.  You might not speak the language very well.  You wouldn’t have the quality of schools you have here.  You wouldn’t have your friends.

Where is your family originally from?  We aren’t Native Americans.  Your Pop’s family is from Italy.  Mine is from England, Belgium, and Germany.  Where are your other grandparents families from?  This type of information makes up your heritage.  It is what you “inherit” from your ancestors.

What has a duck’s bill, huge arms, and a hump?

A dinosaur!  Scientist only had arms before, now they have a couple of skeletons.  The arms are 8 feet long.

It is names Deinocheirus mirificus.  which means unusual horrible hands.

The BBC has more information here.  And NPR has another report here which has a little movie of how the dino might have looked and walked.