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Mediterranean tragedy

From Time Magazine: September 12-19, 2016; p2, ‘From the Editor’

The article is talking about people fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea from Libya and the smugglers that are taking advantage of them.

“There’s virtually no chance that the boats will make the 300-mile journey to Europe; they will either sink, drowning all on board, or be intercepted by a rescue ship or naval vessel or patrol.”

“… embedded with a rescue team from the medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières on the MV Aquarius.  It took their 77-ft., steel-clad, multi-engine surveying vessel 36 hours to reach Sicily from Libya.  ‘The thought that these tiny, 40-horsepower-engine [migrant] boats, loaded with one tank of fuel, could make it anywhere…'”

The comparison between the two vessels gave me a picture of the impossibility of any success by the migrant boats.  That anyone can take a person’s money and actually put them on such boats boggles my mind.