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Starting a new phase

I’m going to start posting and linking to things that interest me.  Some will be statements I find in books I read, some will be things I like on the web.

Today I’ll start by linking to some interesting maps.  They are at Big Think: ALL STRANGE MAPS ARTICLES.  One I found fascinating is: Tokelau, the World’s Online Superpower  Tokelau, you do know Tokelau don’t you.  Well, I sort of did.  It is an island, or more accurately an atoll, 3 atolls: Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo.  They are a territory of New Zealand.  And they are only 4 sq. mi. of land, all three of them, together.  So how did they get to be the most popular domain in the world?  Money!  Money?  Are they super rich?  No.  Their domain  is free!  How do you make money on Free?  Well, you know the internet.

Enjoy the map and the article with it.


Google’s Project Loon

Google is trying to bring the internet to everyone.  Here is one of their latest projects:  An interesting project and a lot less expensive than geostationary orbits of satellites.