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Undocumented immigrants

The Washington Post has 7 maps that help to understand the issues surrounding undocumented immigrants. Undocumented immigrants are people who are living in the United States, but weren’t born here and don’t have legal papers saying they can be here.

The first map shows the percentages that each state has of students that have at least one undocumented parent.  This is an important map because it shows where the immigrants are living that will be affected by President Obama’s recent announcement on immigration changes.

Imagine having a parent that could be sent out of the country to someplace that you aren’t even familiar with.  Maybe both of your parents could be sent away from this country.  What would it be like for you if you had to go with them.  You might not speak the language very well.  You wouldn’t have the quality of schools you have here.  You wouldn’t have your friends.

Where is your family originally from?  We aren’t Native Americans.  Your Pop’s family is from Italy.  Mine is from England, Belgium, and Germany.  Where are your other grandparents families from?  This type of information makes up your heritage.  It is what you “inherit” from your ancestors.