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Italy – Day 6

Climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa – I didn’t, Evan did – The best thing of the day was being at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, going up it, and looking out from the top – per Evan.  I needed to find shoes since mine bit the dust yesterday.  We had a guided tour of the area around the Tower, the Square of Miracles, a complex of four buildings that includes the cathedral and its leaning bell tower.  Actually all the buildings lean, but the tower leans the most and because of its shape it is the most noticeable.  The tower is 17 feet off the vertical.  There are 297 steps up the spiral staircase to the top and a view of the old city walls and the town.  We had lunch at a delightful restaurant with an outdoor seating area under a cover.  Wonderful.

After leaving the Tower, we went to Lucca a town that is a short drive away.  I finally found shoes there.  I thought it was a “close the shoe shop” day because the shoe shops I was finding were closed.  It was the lunch hour (or two).  I was successful in finding shoes in spite of the bad timing.

From Lucca we traveled to Levanto for dinner and our hotel.  Our hotel with a pool.  After the past few very hot days, we were looking forward to the pool.  This day was not nearly as hot, but was windy.  We got into the pool anyway.  The Park Hotel Argento is near the Ligurian Sea and we could see the sea as we came in.  When we first saw it from the hills it was breathtaking, closer up it was really breathtaking,  The wind had blown the sea up and there will be no swimming in the sea.  It is far too rough.



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