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Dinosaur Discovery

Sometimes it seems impossible to believe the amount of information that scientist can get from bones.  Scientists have discovered a fossilized skull of a new species (Sarmientosaurus musacchioi) of sauropod.  The skull belonged to a baby sauropod.  One that hatched and then died within weeks.

The little guy was about the size of a new-born baby (7 lbs) when it hatched.  A few weeks later it weighed 80 to 90 lbs.  Good thing out kids don’t grow that fast.  We’d never be able to carry them or carry the groceries to feed them.

From a scan of the skull of the baby the scientist figured out that the sauropod’s ear probably heard low-frequency sounds like elephants do today.  They also figured out that sauropods probably held their neck down, eating grass and other vegetation that was low to the ground rather than tree tops.

Happy Dinosaur Hunting.


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