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I just discovered this.  The post is from July 2015.  Scientist from National Geographic found “Sharks found living inside an active volcano“.  What a surprise.  So many questions.

The Smithsonian Institute Global Volcanism Program has a picture.  Nice view of a ship and the steam.  I can only find information into 2014.  Don’t know what is happening now.

You can find more technical information at Volcano Discovery: Kavachi


Comments on: "Sharks in an active volcano: Kavachi" (1)

  1. In 1982 while flying my B-52 from Guam to Australia, I “discovered” one of these underwater volcanoes (maybe not Kavachi.) At least I thought I discovered it, but when I reported it I found that I was about 40-years too late to be the original discoverer. Still it was quite a thrill to find a glowing orange dot in the middle of the blue Pacific.

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