The wandering interests of JamaOwl

Isturitz and Oxocelhaya are two caves, one over top of the other.  These caves are located in the Gaztelu hill, which also contains a third cave, Erberua, that is not open at this time.  The Isturitz is the uppermost cave with the Oxocelhaya below it (and the Erberua below that).  Isturitz is best known for its archaeology and at least 80,000 years of human presence, spanning the Middle Palaeolitic (Neanderthal Man) to the Upper Palaeolithic (Homo Sapiens) and I suppose on to today.  Oxocelhaya is known for its geological formations. It, too, has cave art and engravings but they are only shown for special occasions. A tunnel connects the two caves now so you can move from one cave to the other inside.

After visiting the caves, we traveled into Spain and on to the village of Santillana del Mar where we stayed at the Parador de Santillana Gil Blas.


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