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Cap Blanc

Let’s see what to do about Cap Blanc.  After writing my section on Cap Blanc twice and loosing it, I gave up.  So here I will try again.

Cap Blanc is know for it’s sculptured relief.  It has an excellent set of originals.  The sculptures were found by workmen excavating the shelter with pickaxes.  Cosiderable damage had  been done by the time the carvings were noticed.  In case you haven’t noticed, the caves and shelters all need to be dug out at the entrances at a minimum.  Over the last 10,000 or 15.000 years the roofs have collapsed blocking the caves and shelters.  The blockages have also preserved the drawings and etchings.  Without this protection, the environment of the cave would have fluctuated too much and the art would have been destroyed.

Traces of paint were found on the carvings.  With their location on a cliff shelter wall, the carvings must have been visable for quite a distance.  The most important carvings are of large horses.  There are also places in the rock at or near the ceiling of the shelter that have holes carved into the rock like a partial ring.  The hole goes into the rock and joins to a part that goes out.  Both holes are on the rock face and we’re done while the rock was a part of the shelter wall of roof.  It is possible that these rings were used to tie skins or other coverings to the front of the shelter to protect it.


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