The wandering interests of JamaOwl

Leaving Bordeaux

We met the rest of our tour group at the Bordeaux airport.  The bus was parked next to a tiny vinyard located between two terminals.  It must have been a good spot for the vines.  Other vineyards were right in the edges of the city.  Apparently growing grapes for wine is profitable enough that some of the wineries are talking about destroying houses to plant vines.

Since this was the last weekend of European summer holiday, traffic was heavy.  People were returning home to get kids ready for school.

As in most of Europe, the  countryside was varied.   A lot of homes were constructed with the same white block as the old cathedral.  We renewed our acquaintance with rolladans.  We had them in the houses we lived in while in  Germany.  They are like a blind for the outside of the window.  They provide shelter from the heat, light and cold by providing insulation.  Like a blind you can partially open them for ventalation. They are very popular in most of Europe.

We noticed that the river we crossed was brown.  Thinking that it was like ours, we thought it had rained up river.  We have learned that the river is tidal.  The high tide brings in the salt which causes the dirt and dust to remain suspended in the water coloring it brown.

Lunch was a quick stop at a rest area on the highway.  Very similar to rest stops in the US: gas station, sandwich shop and snacks shop.  Now I mislead you with ‘sandwich shop’.  The sandwiches we had were lunch meat, cheese, tomato, lettuce, etc. on a hard role.  T. E. had a quiche.  I had a ham and cheese. So, very much the same, but with different meats and cheese.

Now on to Les  Eysies (sounds like Le-zay-zee to me).


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