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A bit more about Bordeaux

We did learn a bit more about what we had seen in Bordeaux.  The Cathedral St. Andre has a 50m-high Gothic belfry, Tour Pey-Berland.  It was  built between 1440 and 1446.  The spire was added in the 1800s.  In 1863 it was topped with a statue of Note Dame de l’Aquitaine (Our Lady of Aquitaine).  The tower has 231 steps up it.  We did NOT climb it.  The tower was built detached from the church because of fear that the ringing bell might lead to the building being weakened.

Instead, we ate pizza, ice cream, and black currant gelato on the square.  The restaurant was in an old building, the only kind of building there.  (Note for Americans: Europeans start counting floors with zero.)  The stairs to the first floor were wooden, but beyond that it was well worn stone.  I have no idea why the first set of stairs were wood, perhaps they were too worn to be safe.  The walls of the stairway and other rooms were also stone, at least up to the 2nd floor.  That was all the further I went.  I can’t imagine the difficulty in changing the room configuration.

The Water Mirror is located beside the River Garonne.  It is an area 100 ft by 50 ft and is covered with granite slab.  Water flows through holes on the floor.  It fills up about 2 cm deep.  After remaining for 5-7 minutes, it slowly drains.  The wet granite looks like a mirror with lots of people in it.


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