The wandering interests of JamaOwl

There is a video of it here.  The video is showing the same meteor from a couple of different views.  It is called a “fireball” meteor.  We also call them shooting stars.  Most meteors are pieces of asteroids or comets.  The light comes from the friction of our atmosphere causing the meteor to burn up.  Occasionally pieces make it to earth, but not very often.  Just like trash floating in water, there is “space debris (pronounced like debre)”.  When Earth’s orbit takes it near a field of debris, gravity can cause some of the things floating in space to pass through our atmosphere.  This is when they burn.  Most of the fields of space debris are known about and people stay up on certain nights to watch them.  It is a lot of fun to be out in the dark with a bunch of people looking for shooting stars.  December usually has a good period to watch for shooting stars and again in the spring.  The weather service usually publishes the dates and times.


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